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What can you watch?

Access the videos of the largest international event in the history of Reiki. On this site, you can relive all the Usui Reiki Ryoho Centenary events at the Osaka City Central Public Hall in April 2023.

Some of the most prominent figures in the world of Reiki of today share their work and insights to weave the most comprehensive mosaic of Reiki ever shown, from history and spirituality to the latest data and advances in scientific and health research.

These videos will interest you if...

  • You are a Reiki practitioner, or you have just started because they provide the clearest and most complete global vision of Reiki that exists today.
  • You are a Reiki teacher and need to clarify doubts or complete your vision.
  • You are a health professional interested in learning about Reiki as a therapy.
  • You are a person who wants to know the truth about Reiki.
  • You are a therapist looking to expand your knowledge.
  • You want to know more about Mikao Usui.
  • You want to know some of the most important personalities in Reiki today.
  • You want to be aware of some of the latest research on the application of Reiki in the health field.

Meet the speakers

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Opening Ceremony

With Akiko Masuda (Master of Ceremonies)
Priest Hibino (from Amataka Temple, Taniai), Emiri Hayashi (president of Taniai Reiki), Naomi Lyu (International Usui Reiki Ryoho Society, Taiwan), Hirokazu Maruno (president of the Gendai Reiki Network) and María José Fortea (president of the Gendai Reiki Ho Madrid Association).
Audio: Japanese and Spanish (original)
Subtitles: English, Japanese and Spanish

hiroshi Doi

Hiroshi Doi

Reiki in Japan
History about the Founder of Reiki: Mikao Usui. The talk was given by the Japanese Reiki master Hiroshi Doi, one of the greatest experts in Traditional Reiki and creator of the Gendai Reiki Ho system. Doi sensei offers an enlightening insight into the truth of the founder of Usui Reiki Ryoho.
Audio: Japanese (original)
Subtitles: English and Spanish

sheldin feldman

Dr. Sheldon Feldman

Reiki in Hospitals. Past, Present and Future
The American doctor and surgeon Sheldon Marc Feldman, one of the pioneers in applying Reiki in hospitals, explains how he uses this energy in his daily work and talks about the results achieved after years of research and innovation in the fight against cancer and other diseases.
Audio: English (original)
Subtitles: Japanese and Spanish

Rumi Naka

International Holistic Nursing Association of Japan
The representative of IHAN, Rumi Naka, shares with the audience her approach and philosophy on human health and the current situation in Japan, in terms of collaboration between medical institutions and alternative therapies, and above all, the results obtained over the years with the in-home application of Reiki.
Audio: Japanese (original)
Subtitles: English and Spanish

Olaf Böhm

Presentation of Old Documents
The German Reiki master, Olaf Böhm, shows for the first time in public a series of unpublished historical documents related to Reiki, collected during his numerous trips to Japan and his relationship with different masters.
Audio: English (original)
Subtitles: Japanese, English and Spanish



Interview with Master Rishilingam. Challenges in the new century of Reiki.
Journalist and Reiki master Javier Diaz interviews Master Rishilingam, Reiki master and creator of the Online Reiki Congress and the Online Congress of Holistic Therapies. Here, they talk about the current context of Reiki in Latin America, the expansion through new technologies, the challenges of Reiki in a changing world, and other topics of interest.
Audio: Spanish (original)
Subtitles: English and Japanese

Justin B. Stein

Justin B. Stein

Reiki Healing among Japanese Americans in Hawaii between 1930 and 1940
Professor Justin B. Stein, Ph.D. in Religious Studies from the University of Toronto, compiles original historical accounts to illustrate the Reiki journey of the 1930s and 1940s, including the training of Hawayo Takata, his apprenticeship with Chūjirō Hayashi, the Hawaii branch of the Hayashi Reiki Kenkyūkai, and much more.
Audio: English (original)
Subtitles: Japanese and Spanish

Debby Ringdahl

Dra. Debbie Ringdahl

Reiki in Nursing: linking Reiki Practice with Education and Research
Dr. Debbie Ringdahl shares her extensive experience in teaching Reiki in nursing in the United States and how to link the practice of Reiki with education. She also stresses the relevance of research for the future of Reiki as a complementary therapy.
Audio: English (original)
Subtitles: Japanese and Spanish

Fuminori aoki y Noriko Ogawa maestros japoneses

Reiki Masters in Japan

Representative Masters of Reiki in Japan
On the stage, some of the most relevant Japanese masters of the present time offer their vision of Reiki. Among them, Toshitaka Mochizuki, president of Vortex and the International Reiki Diffusion Association; Fuminori Aoki and Noriko Ogawa, founders of Reido Reiki; and Hyakuten Inamoto, secular Buddhist monk and creator of the Komyo Reiki Do system.
Audio: Japanese (original)
Subtitles: English and Spanish

Amazing musical performances

Just by subscribing, you will have access to the performances of the musicians who participated in the centenary event.


Hiroki Okano 

Musician, composer, and sound artist specializing in ambient music of Japanese sensibility. He has released over 30 albums and participated in many festivals in Japan and abroad.

Nobuhito Tomooka

Renowned Japanese musician and percussionist. He performs with the Japanese unit Renpu as his main activity. He offers independent concerts inside and outside Japan, guidance to wadaiko groups, collaboration with dancers and drummers, and performances in temples as musical offerings.

Haruki Ken_centenario

Kenichi Haruki

Shugendo practitioner and sound therapist Organizes events and retreats such as Cacao Ceremony, Fire Ceremony, Sound Healing, Bodywork, etc.

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About the Gendai Reiki Ho Madrid Association

This non-profit organization was born in 2014 with the aim of spreading knowledge and deepening the practice of Gendai Reiki Ho. Despite having just over 100 members, from the very moment of its foundation it has promoted major events around Reiki, as well as a multitude of activities that complement and help the daily practice of thousands of reikists around the world. Undoubtedly, its greatest achievement has been the celebration of the Centenary of Usui Reiki Ryoho in Osaka, in April 2023, with the participation of more than 250 Reikists from around the world and some of the most important masters of Reiki today.

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